Mark Ginsburg's South African Project

The Gods Café & Bar, Building 16 ANU Arts Centre, University Ave, Acton, ACT 2601

With a distinctive musicality and purpose, this project is close to Mark Ginsburg's heart and showcases both a vast personal and professional connection.

Mark has been a determined advocate of building musical bridges between his native South Africa and his newer home, Australia. His efforts have seen him seen perform frequently at South African Jazz Festivals as well as taking groups from here on tour. His deep understanding of the varied, South African musical landscape can be heard in all his musical projects.

His recent participation at a the Grahamstown Jazz Festival in South Africa gave rise to this project which will feature the music of some of the most prolific jazz artists from South Africa. In addition to playing with Global Express, a collaboration of great musicians from Cape Town and Canada, Mark also played in a quintet of South African musicians playing "South African Jazz Standards". For Mark, this was a real honour to be part of and also to once again feel that strong connection with the heartbeat of South Africa.

Mark Ginsburg (saxophones), Simon Ferenci (trumpet & flugelhorn), Judy Campbell (vocals), Ryan Grogan (piano), Brendan Clark Jr (bass) & Dave Goodman (drums)