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Preview available on YouTube at The techniques described by Dave Goodman (PhD) in this lesson are designed to overcome the problem of what is commonly referred to as 'four-way coordinated independence'. To do this, Dave has implemented a new take on the single stroke roll rudiment by naming the combinations of notes that require you to coordinate your four limbs for a variety of applications on the drumset. This was originally presented in Dave's doctoral thesis under the headings 'Grouping and Ordering of Limbs' and 'Omni-adroitness'. Dave will teach you how to understand and employ the new names, bringing your four limbs into musical accordance with one another. You can also use these note names to analyse different kinds of drumming, and to learn new pieces and styles, especially those that tend to involve more difficult coordination, such as funk, Latin American, and polyrhythmic jazz comping. This video lesson includes the following media:

  • Video (mp4, 00:33:24, 178.5 MB)
  • Audio (mp3, 00:30:30, 47.3 MB)
  • Exercises (PDF, 5 pages, 3.3 MB)
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