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Preview available on YouTube at This is a video lesson by Dave Goodman (PhD) showing you several simple steps for generating a large number of your own unique syncopated eighth-note / quaver figures, and for developing those figures for improvisation around the drumset in soloistic ways. You will learn to ‘fill in the gaps’ in syncopated eighth-note / quaver figures in ways that Dave learned from Jim Chapin, to convert these figures into triplets, and to play them around the drumset using your bass drum foot as a ‘third hand’. You’ll improve your ability to creatively improvise some hip and original interactive solo and ensemble figures using the full range of your instrument, and your new figures will also have deep conventional roots. This video lesson includes the following media:

  • Video (mp4, 00:36:11, 181.1 MB)
  • Audio (mp3, 00:35:58, 51.8 MB)
  • Exercises (PDF, 8 pages, 3.5 MB)
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