Abby and Toby are On Their Way!

Congratulations to long-term (and now former) drum students Abby Constable and Toby Brown! Abby and Toby were in Year 12 in 2016, and they were both accepted into their first-choice tertiary music institutions for 2017: Toby’s going to James Morrison Academy of Music at Uni SA, and Abby’s going to Sydney Conservatorium of Music, The University of Sydney. Everyone I’ve taught regularly in the last 10 years who’s aspired to study at these and similar institutions has made it through to their first choice, first time, every time. 

Do you or someone you know aspire like Abby and Toby? The good news is that, because these guys are moving on, there are now some openings after school and on Saturdays when I’ll be able to take some new students for regular drum lessons. If you’re interested for yourself, or for your child, visit the link and register now. If you know a friend or family member who’s looking to start drum lessons, or is looking for a new teacher, please share this post, or the link with them.



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