Dave Goodman Venue 505 Drum Clinic Handout 2015
  • Dave Goodman Venue 505 Drum Clinic Handout 2015
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This clinic is in several parts.

Part One A - Coordination: The Notes of the Drums (2:53) - The presentation of a new system for understanding and improving drumset coordination.

Part One B - Coordination: The New Single Stroke Roll (20:33) - A practical application of The Notes of the Drums to bring the drummer's four limbs into greater accord with one another.

Part Two - Repertoire: Filling in the 8th-note / quaver & triplet gaps (47:07) - An explanation and further development of Jim Chapin's principle of filling in 8th-note / quaver gaps in syncopated figures. I use figures by Zach Danziger, Vinnie Colaiuta and Andy Gander that I've transcribed to illustrate these points.

Part Three - Repertoire: Music is Infinite (01:05:04) - An explanation of ways to tap into the infinite reservoir of music in order to develop your own interesting and unique figures. Featuring an impromptu performance from student Abby Constable.

Also included are excerpts from the opening solo piece 'Symplegades: The Dove' as well as 'Entelechies' (1:29) and 'Maitreya' (1:24:10).

With special thanks to Sonor Drums and Bosphorus Cymbals for their generous support of this event.

The footage from this clinic is available for viewing here: https://youtu.be/AGHStdvSvac

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