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Remo Drumheads

Dave's Remo Story 

Remo may be the one of the most ubiquitous names in drum and percussion manufacturing. I think I noticed the Remo logo on the drumhead before I noticed any drum manufacturer's badge on the drum shells of the first drums I played when I started in primary school, aged 8. In my young mind, everything in drums was made by Remo.

Once I started to understand that drums, sticks, heads, cymbals, and hardware often come from different manufacturers, I also understood Remo to be the dominant presence in drumheads. Later, at age 12 in 1989, I acquired my first set of drums, which were secondhand, and made by Aria. They were fitted with some beaten up old Remo Ambassador Coated batter heads.

Around that time, master drummer David Jones passed through Tamworth and presented a drum clinic at the Tamworth Regional Music Centre (now Tamworth Regional Conservatorium of Music). I will always remember the unbelievably rich sound David coaxed from the drums, particularly his 16" floor tom, which I was sitting right next to throughout the clinic. Someone asked David if he could recommend some drumheads to purchase, and David's advice was that the Remo Ambassador Coated was the best all around drumhead. I went home that afternoon to my Aria drums with their beat up old heads, and I burst into tears once I realised I couldn't get that same richness of tone that David got from his drums.

Over the years, I've tried playing on many different drums. Some drums were so particular that they would only sound good with particular heads by particular manufacturers, but those heads didn't feel nor sound any good to me, even though they made those drums sound ok. That's when I decided to commit to Sonor drums, which sound great with any drumhead combination.

Having continued to experiment with drumheads over the years on my Sonors, I went back to the Remo Ambassador Coated more often than any other head to the extent that I couldn't feasibly see myself wanting to experiment anymore.

This is why I'm so proud to announce, in this blog, that I am now a Remo endorsement artist - something I never thought I'd ever be able to say.

I'll be renovating my garage into a soundproof studio very soon, at which time I'll be able to setup and play my drums uninhibited at any time of the day or night. In the meantime, I've fitted out my teaching and practising sets with Remo SilentStroke drumheads. This has been the setup at home for around 18 months now, and these mesh heads have lasted really well. They've got a satisfying bounce about them, and with a mild amount of tone coming from the bottom Ambassador Clear resonant heads that are still on there, I actually feel like I'm playing my own drums!

I use:

Other great products made by Remo are:

Hopefully, you've found your own magical combination of drumheads that you can settle on for the longterm like I have. If not, I can't recommend Remo enough. There's a reason why they've been around so long as the most popular drumhead manufacturers! Click on the photo below for more info on my setup.